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Have you ever dreamt about building your own home? It could be an eco-friendly habitation in the middle of the countryside or a converted rustic barn on the outskirts of a large town. Maybe you want some advice on how to drastically or subtly improve your existing home and/or garden and want some advice from the experts who really know what they are talking about. If you are thinking of building your own house or making improvements to your current home, you’ll need the best advice and information out there.

Grand Designs magazine is a must-have publication for anyone who loves the hit Channel 4 TV programme and is looking to create a grand design of their own. The monthly magazine is filled with lots of useful and interesting information on everything you need to start and complete your very own grand design.

GRAND DESIGNS magazine offers you lots of interesting articles and a unique view in to the lives of those currently realising their dream of building their own property and offers tips and advice on how best to undertake a project of this size. Even if you do not want to build your own house from scratch, Grand Designs magazine can offer you tips and advice from the experts on how to improve your current home and garden, including advice on interior design and decoration.

By subscribing to Grand Designs magazine, you’ll have a wealth of knowledge about building your dream home or dream garden. Subscribe today!

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